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“ I have been a photographer forever.  I have photographed many famous people including poets, politicians, criminals and objects of all sorts. I have traveled the world, worked and partied with well-known creative individuals, models, and many types of celebrities.  I lived in New York in its heyday, the years of disco and crime, and have photographed riots, assassinations and disasters.  In spite of all of this, and perhaps because of, I continue to have a strong sense of amazement and curiosity about life.  Whenever I am looking for a new source of inspiration, Nature always provides."

Geraldo Pace leads a successful career as a commercial photographer. His work has been featured in major publications such as VOGUE and ELLE, with advertising work for international clients such as BMW and Moroccanoil. 

He has since also focused on conceptual photography, special corporate projects and collaborations with other artists.  In his work, Geraldo has a definitive sense of lighting and  is a purist who uses very little  Photoshop in his images.